#ArtoftheArcane ~Autumn Sci-fi & Fantasy Fiction Giveaway!


It’s September 20th, and it’s my day to share my link to this special event. What is this event? It is an event put together by AOTA that gathers Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction authors together to offer readers FREE ebooks.

The purpose of the event is to help readers find more authors that write awesome content. Ebooks are offered in multiple ways in this giveaway, it depends on how the author agreed to set it up. The different ways to get the ebooks is by either signing up for the authors mailing list, get it a part of a FREE special the author is running through Amazon/Smashwords, or it could be a PermaFree ebook. Either way, it will be worth checking out with over thirty author books to choose from you defiantly will find an awesome read.



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