Don’t Kill the Monk!!!

He sat there next to the lake looking out over the shimmering water. Rikkin found himself waiting longer than he liked. But, he didn’t have much choice in the matter. He had to wait for the appropriate time for his brother to contact him.

The sun rose over the lake marking mid-day. Rikkin stood up and paced to get feeling back into his stiff limbs. “Damn I’m getting too old for this.”

“That’s what being stuck in a rock for 3,000 years does to you!”

Rikkin grunted turning around seeing the reflection of his younger brother looking back at him. He knelt down to get a stronger read on his brother’s location. Roülle looked worse than he did. The poor fool looks dead on his fit. There were shadows under his eyes and dirt smeared a crossed his face. If he looks this bad, I wonder how the monk is faring. “How are the roads treating you little brother?”

“This world sucks! I swear every time I turn around there are bandits or people ruder than hell expecting me to get out of their way. In our time this crap wouldn’t happen…”

Rikkin watched the wild fire blaze to life in his brother’s eyes. He always gets so emotional. “This world has changed since our time amongst it. People have forgotten our kind and don’t show respect to anyone unless they wear the marks of nobility or have wealth.”

“Just be patient and try not to go nuts on anyone,” Rikkin said.

Roülle glared back at him and snapped, “I wouldn’t have to deal with this if I could just shift to the King’s side. But, no… I have to travel with this damn Monk!” The hostility radiating off Roülle created a red glow around his watery reflection.

“Calm yourself you are acting a damn fool.” Roülle snorted in response. If I was there, I would punch him into the abyss and back. He wouldn’t be acting so damn stupid. What do I have to do hold his damn hand because he wants to do everything the easy way?  

“I’ll make no promises.” Roülle turned away, the sound of cracking twigs and rustling in the brush filled the air. The reflection faded for a second as silence took hold. Rikkin gripped his knee waiting to see if his brother would return. Every moment is precious and every second they waste using their magic draws more attention to them. “It’s just the damn Monk, apparently we need to get back on the road.”

He sighed in relief letting the tension fade away. “Be careful and do your best not to do something stupid that gets you killed. Okay?”

A smirk inched its way across his brother’s face. “Like I said Brother, I’ll make no promises. But, if the Monk keeps stopping to help every dang person in need, there will be hell to pay.”

“Remember… “

“Yeah! I no! Don’t kill the Monk,” Roülle snapped.

“You need to keep him alive! He has a purpose in the war to come…”

“I’ll keep him alive! Don’t worry…” Roülle smiled back at him. “Worry about your own mission Rikkin. Last time I checked I didn’t have a headstrong woman to deal with.”

He wasn’t wrong about that Kero was turning out to be a difficult student to train. I don’t know if she is ready for this responsibility, but hopefully with time she will change. Breaking the connection Rikkin left behind his brother and returned to his own task. It was up to him to get Kero ready for the hell this war was bringing and it looked like it was coming faster than expected. “Karigan I pray you picked the right person that is strong enough to carry this giant burden.”

This is a flash fiction story featuring character’s from my WIP Tarzinëa. Stay tuned for additional flash fiction tales featuring characters throughout my many WIPs here on my blog. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any don’t forget to subscribe above to receive updates sent directly to your email. 

**note: this is a work of fiction that is created by my mind I did not have an editor make correction to this piece of writing. I did use an online software to help edit it called ProWritingAid, if you see any correction please don’t hesitate to let me no I will be happy to make the changes. Thank you and enjoy :).

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