#WIP Monday – Diamond in the Rough

Last week I made several writing goals and life officially sucked this last week. I will explain more in a second. These were my goals last week:

  1. Finish writing Tarzinëa’s timeline. (This one’s going to be hard because I am stuck on a war background. I can’t decide if I want the enemy to be a dragon that wants to destroy humanity or a sorcerer that takes command of the armies of darkness.
  2. Start rewriting Book 1’s outline for Tarzinëa.
  3. I need to write up a book blurb for “An Elf, A Dragon, and a God’s Intervention,” then get that up on pre-order.
  4. The Celestial One – I am going to aim to write another chapter in the serial.
  5. Need to start thinking about the next story to be featured in the Tales of Ferrês series. (Been playing with the idea of going back to Queen Karigan’s time and share how she met Silvashi. You don’t know him yet but he is the King of Dragons the only silver dragon to ever exist.)

This last week I was all over the place. I got nothing done, between babysitting my youngest niece and having two teething babies; I’m lucky I didn’t go nuts. The only one I accomplished on the list above was #3.

I spent last night and this morning writing up the synopsis for An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention. This story was a royal pain in the a**, however with the help of a fellow author friend I got it done. Now I can tell you that is up for Pre-Order and scheduled for release on September 20.

Now I can either drone on about my unfulfilling week or I can just jump to my next weeks writing goals and wipe my hands clean. I think the second choice is the best option, don’t you?

My next weeks writing goals:

  1. Work on Tarzinëa’s Timeline.
  2. Write another chapter for Episode One in The Celestial One season.
  3. Edit my flash fiction tales and get them scheduled up to November.
  4. Write up Karigan and Silvashi’s story for the next installment in the Tales of Ferrês series.
  5. Send out my first newsletter and start thinking about what I will do for my upcoming online events.

I am hoping to have a better week this time around. It is still up in the air with Zeek having teething issues every day. Wish me luck :).


Last week I spent way too much of my time writing up an automation system for my new newsletter. This is one reason I got nothing else done. I finished this project, and it is ready for action it is just waiting for you to sign-up :). Right now all new subscribers get A Father’s Protection free, so there is a bonus.

What’s next? Hmmm… guess it would be my new page on my website. Thanks to a few groups on Facebook I am taking part in several Facebook TakeOver Events and Newsletter Swaps. This made making an event page important. You can go here to see any of my current or upcoming events, and I will include links if they are still looking for additional members.

Oh, this is big! This last week I was doing a lot of snooping around trying to find different ways to promote my works as I publish them. I found several awesome resources. On Wednesday I will do a post about my findings and how you can get free author promotion from these different places. Keep your eyes peeled for that post or **she coughs**, you can get free author promotion here on my blog :). Author spotlights get featured every Friday but they only happen if you sign-up.

The horrors of formatting and uploading just a short story is a nightmare. I took all morning submitting and re-submitting this one story because the formatting always was slightly off, but An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention is now up for pre-order. You can pre-order your copy by this universal link, stores are still being added as Draft2Digital works on getting it submitted to all the retailers. I still need to get it up on Smashwords manually so that will be a project for tomorrow.

Today overall was a big day. I got my latest story up for pre-order and released my first patron exclusive flash fiction tale featuring Filthas Dengotta. This tale is by far more gruesome and vulgar than my others. It is adult content only and anyone under 14 should get permission from their parents beforehand. I posted an excerpt here, but to get the full tale you can sign-up to be a patron member for as little as $2 a month.

Now after writing this all out I realize I got a lot done last week. I even thought today was an unfulfilling day and now realize I got a lot done. So, there is a diamond in the rough when you look at it closer. Till next week, wish you luck writing :).


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