#WIP Monday – Tarzinëa Pitfall

Last week I made several writing goals and even though I didn’t accomplish them all in their entirety, I am happy with my accomplishments. These were my goals last week:

  1. Get through my #AMA event alive.
  2. Continue transferring over Tarzinëa’s notes into Scrivener.
  3. Work more on The Celestial One’s outline and notes.
  4. If possible write 5k in any WIP.
  5. Need to get the cover designed for my short story, An Elf, A Dragon, and a God’s Intervention.

My #AMA went good I ended with over 40 questions and 92 comments, if I remember right. It was an awesome interaction based interview platform that made things more personable with those submitting questions. This #AMA wasn’t all about my writing this time around but it balanced out with my design questions for my side business, KJ Magical Designs.

Overall, I had a good experience and will try doing more #AMA events again. Not sure what topic I will do next time, perhaps I will do a writing one on my WIP, Tarzinëa.

I think with this post I will go with my success stories first for my goals then do the pitfalls last. You already know how the #AMA went, so lets get the next one out of the way. The next item I accomplished was #5 on the list. I got my cover done for my next short story in the Tales of Ferrês series. I released the cover on Friday in a cover reveal post if you missed it I have it here for you to enjoy.


It is an awesome cover it surprised me how easy it was to put this one together compared to “A Father’s Protection”. It was like Blake and Meisha jumped out at me in the images I used.

Since we are on the topic of specific characters, I might as well update you on Tarzinëa. My process of transferring files over into Scrivener was going well, till I realized the chaos I created within my hard drive. I spent an entire day organizing files between my design business and my writing files. It wasn’t an easy task and I am still finding things that need reorganized. I sadly only got through half my files of Tarzinëa and realized I have to do a complete rewrite of my chapters I completed already, along with world notes, timelines, and so much more. I have put writing on hold for this WIP to get things shipshape.

Now my other goals were wishful thinking. I got no real writing done this last week besides rewriting a flash fiction tale featuring King Tyler that I posted on my blog Saturday. You can check it out here. I also wrote individual pieces I featured in my street team. It is a closed group for those interested in taking part in spreading word about my WIP, publications and learning about my worlds as I create them. If you want to join, you can here. I feature legends/myths of Tarzinëa on Tuesdays and sneak peeks on Thursdays. I plan to share deleted scenes from my series, so there will be lots of fun to experience besides helping with the boring promotions. I plan to offer free copies to those interested in receiving ARCs or doing reviews in exchange.

The Celestial One, didn’t get worked on last week. As stated above I was drowning in the mess, I created by not organizing my files right the first time. I have paid the price and will now spend days fixing the mess I created.

Wish me luck with this weeks writing goals, which are:

  1. Finish writing Tarzinëa’s timeline. (This one’s going to be hard because I am stuck on a war background. I can’t decide if I want the enemy to be a dragon that wants to destroy humanity or a sorcerer that takes command of the armies of darkness.
  2. Start rewriting Book 1’s outline for Tarzinëa.
  3. I need to write up a book blurb for “An Elf, A Dragon, and a God’s Intervention,” then get that up on pre-order.
  4. The Celestial One – I am going to aim to write another chapter in the serial.
  5. Need to start thinking about the next story to be featured in the Tales of Ferrês series. (Been playing with the idea of going back to Queen Karigan’s time and share how she met Silvashi. You don’t know him yet but he is the King of Dragons the only silver dragon to ever exist.)



This week I have a new cover for my short story, “An Elf, A Dragon, and a God’s Intervention.” I already shared it above so I won’t do it again here.

The next item that is new is my author spotlights page. I changed things up and now will feature Speculative Fiction authors on Fridays. They can write within paranormal romance, fantasy and the sub-genres of fantasy to get featured on my blog. If you believe you would fit within the genre guidelines and would like a spotlight, you can sign-up here.

Either than that I have little of anything else that is new relating to my writing. So I will leave you with a howdy do and wish you an awesome week. Wish me luck mucking through the chaos of the filthy swamp of files.


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