King’s Understanding

“Damn that woman!”

“What has Princess Kerowyné done this time?” Dimitri groaned turning pages as he looked over the King’s daily schedule.

King Tyler stomped through the throne room with fury stretched across his face. Dimitri was watching him over his clipboard like a cat sizing up its dinner. Tyler had a strong urge to choke him out with that stupid look on his face but instead fell into his throne with a disgusted grunt. One day my time as king will end and I can be free of this place.

“Well, Sire you going to answer or just stare off into space?” He grunted in response to Dimitri’s voice. Glaring at that sly fox that was his most trusted councilor, Tyler contemplated how best to go about wording his thoughts. Dimitri always took the Queen’s side in every spat they had. One word escaped his mouth, “Sarah.”

The clipboard hit the table as Dimitri turned giving the King his full attention. “What are you and the Queen fighting about this time?”

I swear he makes it sound like all we do is fight. He tapped his forefinger in irritation raising an eyebrow contemplating where his trusted councilor’s loyalty laid. “Word got back to her about my father training Kerowyné in swordsmanship.”

“It seems lately all your fights have revolved around the Princess,” Dimitri said. Tyler watched as he crossed his arms standing with a look of complete annoyance dancing across his features. “Perhaps sending her to Fôndura to get away from the politics of the courts was a mistake.”

He sat back in his throne relaxing for a second allowing his fingers to message his right temple. “The best option at the time was to get her away from here for a while. The Lords were in an uproar after her last stunt she pulled, remember.”

All he got in response was a nod of the head. Till this day he didn’t understand why Kerowyné let Lord Marcus’ daughter get to her like that, but knowing who the girl’s father is he didn’t blame her. There were hundreds of times he wanted to punch out Lord Marcus himself, but apparently his daughter was a doer not a dreamer. Perhaps Sarah is right, she might need more discipline.

“Perhaps learning swordmanship will give her some discipline?”

Tyler looked up in shock, he couldn’t believe his ears. “Dimitri, you aren’t siding with the Queen on this one!”

Dimitri smirked at him, “the Queen has a point about what the true duties are for a princess. However, it is obvious the Queen needs to consider that your daughter is far different from any princess this kingdom has had before.”

“What are you getting at Dimitri?”

He felt a smart remark coming on and Dimitri didn’t disappoint. “After all, you weren’t a prince that fit the typical molding and almost killed everyone in your wake. To this day many still talk about how your persona changed since becoming the King.”

Tyler snorted, that’s because I’m bound by these damn chains of responsibilities and have to deal with Lords nipping at my heals like hounds. If it wasn’t for Sarah, I would have gone mad by now. 

Dimitri stared at him with this sincere gleam in his eyes. “You might hate to admit it Sire, but your daughter is by far the most like you out of all your children. This should be a blessing, however in your case I feel it is something we will all come to dread.”

He looked on as Dimitri turned back to his clipboard filled with papers. Tyler contemplated his words and realized the truth within them. Perhaps swordsmanship training will give her discipline and help her with whatever struggles she is having within. Deep down he knew something was a miss and wished he had a way to bridge the gap between them. Till then I guess I will stick with distracting her mother till she finds her way.

This is a flash fiction story featuring character’s from my WIP Tarzinëa. Stay tuned for additional flash fiction tales featuring characters throughout my many WIPs here on my blog. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any don’t forget to subscribe above to receive updates sent directly to your email. 

**note: this is a work of fiction that is created by my mind I did not have an editor make correction to this piece of writing. I did use an online software to help edit it called ProWritingAid, if you see any correction please don’t hesitate to let me no I will be happy to make the changes. Thank you and enjoy :).

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