#WIP Monday – Awesome Success

Last week I made several writing goals and even though I didn’t accomplish them all in their entirety, I am happy with my accomplishments. These were my goals last week:

  1. Continue to work on transferring Tarzinëa’s characters and world building notes over into Scrivener.
  2. Work on The Celestial One’s first episode outline.
  3. I also have to transfer all The Celestial One’s serial series notes, character sheets and world building information over into their own Scrivener file.
  4. Work on editing flash fiction scenes I plan to showcase on my Patreon page and blog, featuring characters from Tarzinëa. I will feature two a month for free and two to three for patron members only. I will offer this to all Patron Tier Levels, and you can get access to all these for as little as $2 a month.
  5. Need to work on “An Elf, A Dragon, and A God’s Intervention” cover. I am planning to release this mid-September. I spent about three hours alone last night looking at images and I think I might have a concept I want to go with now. Perhaps next week I will have a cover reveal for you all to enjoy.

Now I refreshed your memory, I’ll tell you about my week and what I accomplished. I transferred notes from Tarzinëa and The Celestial One over into Scrivener. I wish I would have gotten more of this done than I did but some is better than none.

The Celestial One’s outline got worked on during this last week. I wrote it out and looked over several chapters I already accomplished. During, this period I edited and rewrote those chapters to work into the new outline. The next thing I knew, two chapters were complete, and I had written over 11k words.

In saying 11k words is awesome for a day of writing for myself. This word count doesn’t include the creation story I wrote for Vladkis and his father Nëyvia, that was close to 3k by itself. Then I wrote notes all over the place and worked on the outline, it was like it possessed me. I’m hoping to do more this week but it will depend on the kids and my event I have going on over on my #AMA platform. My #AMA is going live tomorrow and I’m still scrambling around trying to complete the questions coming in. Just last night I had five left now I’m back up to ten. Wish me luck and feel free to ask questions yourself :).

My Writing Goals for this week:

  1. Get through my #AMA event alive.
  2. Continue transferring over Tarzinëa’s notes into Scrivener.
  3. Work more on The Celestial One’s outline and notes.
  4. If possible write 5k in any WIP.
  5. Need to get the cover designed for my short story, An Elf, A Dragon, and a God’s Intervention.


This week I have several things new to share. My first item to share is that I finally go my street team group live over on Facebook. I decided on naming it, GODS AMONG MEN. I decided on this because in several of my works I touch on gods walking among the world of men. It comes more from Tarzinëa though.

In a time long ago when Dragon Ryders ruled supreme, many believe they were born of the gods and sent down to protect the realms of men. They were always to this day referred to as GODS AMONG MEN.

If you are interested in joining my ranks of Dragon Ryders and wish to help promote me as an author and my books you can join here. Members will receive special discounts, insights into the worlds as I publish them, sneak peeks, ARCs, and opportunities to review or become beta readers. Authors who join will in return receive free promotion on my blog for helping me spread the word about my works.

The next item that is new is my updated Patron Tiers over on my Patreon page. I still only have the three tiers: Heroes ($2), Varden Knights ($5), and Dragon Ryders ($10). I changed up the dollar amount listed for the Dragon Ryder tier and updated the benefits I will offer. If you would be interested in becoming a patron and help finance my books into print sign-up here.

I have two more new items left I promise… can you tell I was busy this last week? Starting September 1st I will publish flash fiction tales on my blog, you can find them listed here. I published one already featuring Christophé Flares, the Mage King. I set the schedule up where on the 1st and 15th of every month I’ll release a freebie tale here on my blog. Then on the 10th and 20th I’ll release an exclusive tale for Patron Members only, with a snippet shared on my blog and social media.

Finally, my last new item is these awesome graphics I made to showcase information on my website. I have them linked to the specific pages they represent so click and enjoy.


Overall, I had a productive week and hope to continue into this next one. I will update you next Monday on if I have success or fall on my rump. Wish me luck :).


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