#AuthorAMA: What themes did you use for your story “A Father’s Protection” and how was your writing process?

I am working my way through questions over on my AMA (Ask Me Anything) platform before it goes live on Tuesday. Yes, I can’t believe it is already here and I still have a dozen questions to answer. I am hoping to get a dent in these tonight before I go to bed, so I don’t have to many when the platform goes live. This being said if you have a question on cover design, being an indie author or on my WIP submit them here. It seems with each passing day more questions appear, I will defiantly be happy to answer them all.

This post highlights a question that got my head turning and made me realize how I need to work on myself as an author. This would be an easy question hands down, however, I realized I needed to do more research into my direction for my world Tarzinëa, and my short story “A Father’s Protection”.

Here is the question:

What themes did you use for your story “A Father’s Protection” and how was your writing process?

This was my response over on the platform:

My writing process for this story differed from my usual. I started out just writing flash fiction tales featuring characters from my WIP series, Tarzinëa. This process was to help me find each character’s true voice and personality. I didn’t realize how this would turn out till DarkDeath took over and his story with Digger came to life.

When I was writing this, I wasn’t thinking about any specific theme; it took on a life of its own. However, your question led me to think about what themes this story falls into, so yes I researched.

A Father’s Protection falls into several common themes that many writers used to further their plot. The themes this story falls into are: love, power, survival, courage and heroism, and war.

I thought I would provide a breakdown for how “A Father’s Protection,” falls into each of the listed themes. These themes will surface regularly throughout the Legendary Heroes Saga, through the publication of short stories, novellas and full-length novels. However, below will comprise the breakdown for this story alone.

LOVE -This story depicts the love between Father and son. DarkDeath isn’t one for showing emotion due to it being weakness amongst the kyres. However, when the time comes to protect one he loves he will move heaven and earth to protect them.

POWER – There has been a longstanding civil war within the forest between the kyres and twin-tailed foxes. The kyres are a dominant creature and have overpowered the twin-tails throughout the history of their land. Due to his deeds on the battlefront DarkDeath became the King of Beasts and why the kyres now are the true leaders over the Forest of Ferrês.
This leads to a power struggle between the two creatures when Digger finds himself inside the twin-tails territory and DarkDeath has to get him out before SilverHide takes him down.

SURVIVAL – This story has a big survival theme, since it centers on Digger going into enemy territory and DarkDeath fighting for both their lives. It is a survival of the fittest for protecting those you love and proving you’re the dominant creature.

COURAGE AND HEROISM – DarkDeath is the hero is this tale and throwing your wellbeing out the window for your pup is my definition of heroism. He is a courageous creature on his own merit, however, DarkDeath doesn’t hesitate when it comes to protecting those he loves. It takes a lot of courage to blast into enemy territory and take a on twin-tail without a second thought, especially when he can get overrun my the deceitful beasts without notice.

WAR – This tale focuses on the bond of Father and son as stated above, however it is more a battle scene than anything.

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