#AuthorAMA: What was the inspiration for writing your recent short story, A Father’s Protection?

Many of you know I am taking part in a combo #AMA (Ask Me Anything) under the category #DesignAMA and #AuthorAMA. I am answering questions related to my cover design/graphic design and my journey as an indie author. Today I am sharing an awesome question about my recent publication, “A Father’s Protection”. Hope you will enjoy the response as I enjoyed writing it.

What was the inspiration for writing your recent short story, A Father’s Protection? How long did it take you to write it?

The inspiration for “A Father’s Protection” came from my WIP, Tarzinëa. Several kingdoms within this series have gone beyond expectation and the plan is to give them spin-offs tales of their own. The kingdoms whom make up Tarzinëa are: Tarza (the human realm), Vladïmir (the Elven Kingdom), Fôndura (the realm of magic users), Mountains of Tõrin (the Kingdom of Dwarves) and the Forest of Ferrês (the realm of beasts). Each kingdom has several stand out characters I will create stories around, novellas or their own book series.

DarkDeath the protagonist in this story is the king of beasts and he plays a key role in the war that will touch all kingdoms throughout the book series. As I was creating these characters, I would compile flash fiction stories for my blog to get in the heads of the important characters. This process allowed me to understand their motives, thinking process and what matters most to them. I plan to put these flash fiction tales back on my blog here in the next few weeks. I had my blog on Wix.com first and moved over to WordPress.

Throughout this writing process I stumbled across a story idea that brought a softer side to DarkDeath. It also allowed me to showcase two of my favorite pups of SnowFire and DarkDeath’s that one day I want to create children stories around. His pups are all different which several will appear throughout the book series or stories.

It has been 3,000 years since the fall of the Empire. In this time Vladïmir has closed its doors to the world. The creatures of Ferrês have disappeared from the world and became myths in story books. However, through the use of the Tales of Ferrês story series we will look within the forbidden forest and see times in both past, present and future. I plan to do stories featuring characters from other kingdoms within this world creation but for right now I plan to showcase the mysterious kyres and the power these creatures possess.

I plan to publish the second installment in the Tales of Ferrês series mid-September. In this story Blackmoon will appear with a dragon named Meisha and her elven ryder Blake in “An Elf, A Dragon and a God’s Intervention”.

How long did it take me to write this story? Hmmm… I believe once the story took root in my head I accomplished it in under two hours. I didn’t do an outline or planning for this story it created itself. You can say DarkDeath took over and had a story to tell, I was just along for the ride.

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