#WIP Monday – The Beginning


Today is my first post for my blog  feature, #WIP Mondays. These posts will consist of content around #WIP. I am working on two big ones right now. The first is “Tarzinëa: Rise of the Vardin”, this is just the working title. My second work is “The Celestial One” (TCO), this is planned to be a serial series.

The plan is to write Tarzinëa as I work on the outline for TCO. I had this one outlined in a book format but now I plan to change things over to a serial outline. TCO, I plan to start writing at the beginning of the year as I finish up book one of Tarzinëa.

Writing Goals for this week:

  • Write 10k in “Tarzinëa, Rise of the Vardin” – this will be a big goal for myself since I struggle with keeping on track. The big issue is going from not writing to writing, however this is going to be interesting.
  • Work out TCO’s serial outline – I am hoping to have at least the first two episodes outlined by this time next week.
  • World/Character Development – I need to get my notes and world/characters over into scrivener this week for the Legendary Heroes Saga. This way I can have everything in one location.

***Big Design Goal: I plan to begin working on my next ebook cover. The short story is “An Elf, A Dragon and a God’s Intervention” it will be a part of the Tales of Ferrês short story collection.

What’s New

This weekend I created a patreon page to offer special perks to patrons that subscribe to help with my journey into print. I have three tiers: Heroes ($2 or more a month), Vardin Knights ($5 or more a month) and Dragon Ryders ($25 or more a month). The tier you join will depend on the special perks and rewards you receive.

The reason I chose to create a patreon page is to help with the offset cost of publication and promotion. I plan to share special content only to those that participate as a patron to help earn their support. If you are interested in becoming a patron and want to help support me as an author you can join for as little as $2 a month by clicking here.

If you do wish to help with my journey into print but financially can’t afford the patron option, I have two other ways you can assist. I plan on putting together a list of beta readers for both, TCO and the Legendary Heroes Saga WIPs. If you would be interested in becoming a beta reader please contact me.

The other option would be to join my street team. Just drop me a message through email at authorkmjenkins@gmail.com or my contact page. This way when I have the group set up I can send you an invite. I plan to have this group created later this week. I will make an announcement on my blog once it goes live.


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