Things have Changed! Come and See!

Things have changed here at my author website. Several of you have probably noticed that I changed my pen name. I use to go by KJ Hawkins, but I’ve changed it to K.M. Jenkins. I just decided that I would go with a name that is closer to my original. My full name is Kathryn Mae Jenkins, so I just made it into an acronym.

This change led to a website over-haul along with social media accounts. I provided author branding for myself and re-published my short story, “A Father’s Protection” under my new name. I even created a fancy new cover, designed by me 🙂 (check it out below).

You’re probably wondering, why the change? The honest truth is that I just felt like I needed a change. I have been a-wall for close to year on my blog. I guess becoming a mother of twin boys does that to a person. This last year was all diapers, bottles and spit up for this girl.

Now the boys are one and they have a new sense of independence. That means mom can go back to having a life, somewhat like before. This time I plan to do things different, I plan to keep things under control and stay focused. I have several WIP on my to-do list, however I narrowed it down to two.

The two I plan on working on are “Tarzinëa: Rise of the Vardin” and  “The Celestial One”. These projects are different in one big way. Tarzinëa is planned to be a full length novel. The Celestial One, is being changed from novella format into a serial. I am hoping to start publishing the first episode by the beginning of 2019.

I am hoping to get back into the full swing of writing by September. Right now, I am in the process of transferring all my files, notes, research and accomplished written chapters over into Scrivener. This will leave my August just about ate up. I will be blogging more and keeping everyone more in the loop. I even created a newsletter for those that want to be notified about new releases, sales and just my progress. Right now I plan to send the newsletter out once a month, on the 15th of each month.

Have I rambled enough? I think not, I think with my post I will give you more information on what is to come.

Post Schedule: (What to expect)

  • WIP Mondays – I will give you updates on my works in progress. There will be times I will show samples of work written (these are unedited sections of my books, expect errors). 🙂
  • Writing Tips Wednesday – I will come up with some writing tips that I have found helpful or believe will be a benefit to my fellow authors.
    • Paranormal Author Spotlights – Paranormal Authors will be featured in Author Spotlights/Guest Posts. This will be more frequent as authors sign-up. If interested reserved your spot by filling out this form.
  • Fantasy Fridays – This day will dedicated to fantasy, meaning sky is the limit. I might even decide to let one of my characters take my blog hostage for the day.
    • Fantasy Author Spotlights – Fantasy Authors will be featured in Author Spotlights/Guest Posts. Reserve your spot by filling out this form.

This is my schedule I hope to keep, unless life throws a wrench in the system. I will post outside the schedule for special events, announcements and new releases.



Get “A Father’s Protection” FREE in one of two ways. The 1st option is to sign-up for my newsletter. If that doesn’t float your boat, then maybe option two will interest you. Option two, agree to provide an unbiased review for my short story and you can have it FREE, contact me at

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