My Favorite Character Creation & Why…

You know the saying many kids hear growing up from their parents, “we love you both equal and don’t have favorites.” Do you honestly believe that when parents say that…well some do, or at least they hope they do.

However, could you say the same thing to a writer? Are we allowed to pick a favorite character that has lived in our minds for years without pissing the others off. Well, perhaps we can it depends on the writer. If I had to stand here today before everyone and choose my favorite character creation it would be hands-down Kerowyné Flares.

I have many reasons for this choice. The first reason is due to Kerowyné being the first character to take form in my mind. She demanded attention like a true queen and I have loved her everyday since. The second reason would have to be the awesome adventures we go on together. Her adventurous personality gives me strength and fulfillment in my life where many couldn’t claim the same. Now for the third final reason I would have to say that Kerowyné is the part of me I wish I could have been.

I mean have any of you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong time. I for one would have fit better in the time of horse-drawn carriages, kings, queens, knights, and so much more. The world she walks is the one I always wanted to stand within and thanks to her creation I get a piece of that world when I put the pen to paper.

There are several reasons that could be stated to why Kerowyné is a big pain in the ass to work with, however that would spoil many tales that her and I wish to share within the books of Tarzinëa. Till next time happy writing :).


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